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Fair Play Act II

Randy Braun, New York attorney and blogger at Juz the Fax posted a blog last week about the pending implementation of the Construction Industry Fair Play Act (CIFPA) in New York.  The bill puts specific restrictions on the classification of construction workers and Randy thinks that it might spell the end of the use of Independent Contractor status in the construction industry in New York.  About the consequences dishonest employers will face, he writes: 

“CIFPA carries civil and criminal penalties both for the employer and for individual officers and shareholders who knowingly permit a willful violation of the statute. For those contractors performing public work, debarment and ineligibility to bid on public works contracts will be imposed upon a criminal conviction.”

This new law, which we first wrote about a few weeks ago, goes into effect on October 26.  It looks like the movement is taking hold and that the states with current or pending laws on misclassification and wage theft are just the beginning of the national mindset. That is good news for workers as well as employers who already “play fair”.

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