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Reshaping the Construction Industry

Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing completed a successful renovation of the Norman, Oklahoma stadium this year, finding a permanent solution to moisture intrusion at expansion joints throughout the stadium, while allowing University of Oklahoma activities in the stadium to continue as scheduled.
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November 15, 2019
Three things keep nagging at me. An AGC study determined that new construction and infrastructure equal to the amount that exists today will be built between today and 2030 in the US. The second is that 40% of the construction materials for a building under our current approach is wasted. The third thing is that as much as 25% of all construction today has to be re-done to make it right. The combination of those three things alone seems to me to make it imperative that we find better ways for architects and contractors to work together and we need to do it now.
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November 14, 2019
Tis the season for 2020 forecasts. The chief economists for AGC, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and ConstructConnect discussed the current state of design and construction and the outlook for 2020 in a webinar on Wednesday. 
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November 13, 2019
Student surveys indicated 100% of the students rated the Expo as fun and informative and 95% as Extremely Helpful or Helpful in making future career decisions.
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November 12, 2019
As we pause today to reflect on the sacrifices of our nation’s veterans, it is important that we all commit to ensuring they are as successful as possible when returning home. It’s happening all the time here in Texas. 
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November 11, 2019
These new units are located on sites near retail and restaurants and are focused on being walkable for the new residents who are moving to Houston where there have been 100,000 new jobs created this year.
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November 08, 2019
As attorneys prepare to make arguments about protections for young immigrants before the United States Supreme Court next week, nearly 50 business leaders from around Texas asked Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz to "take up legislation that will provide a permanent solution for undocumented youth, also known as Dreamers."
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November 07, 2019
Reports last week on construction employment, pay and spending were mixed and somewhat contradictory. Nonfarm payroll employment in October increased by 128,000, seasonally adjusted, from September and by 2,093,000 (1.4%) year-over-year (y/y) from October 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported on Friday.
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November 06, 2019
Across the country today there are local, county, school board, state-wide elections that will impact the future of the construction industry in planned and unplanned ways....
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November 05, 2019
WASHINGTON - National nonresidential construction spending rose 0.5% in September but is down 0.9% on a year-ago basis, according to an Associated Builders and Contractors...
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November 04, 2019