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Reshaping the Construction Industry

Contractors are optimistic for 2022; input cost increases slow but exceed bid price increases; starts are up. Learn more from this week's Data DIGest.
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January 20, 2022
The new, 20V MAX* DEWALT POWERSTACK™ Compact Battery is 50% more powerful, 25% more compact, 15% lighter, and works with any DeWalt 20V MAX* tools.
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January 19, 2022
Offered to college students pursuing a career in construction, the scholarships ABC Greater Houston annually provides are just some of the ways the association supports education and workforce development.
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January 18, 2022
Four of the Houston Commercial Construction Industry’s finest leaders chose to retire in 2021, men who made enormous contributions to the industry. In addition to excelling in their roles and companies, they were each servant leaders, in the truest sense of that word.
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January 17, 2022
Texas Contractors - Are You Aware of all the New Updates on Texas Lien Laws and How this Affects Collecting on Your Construction Projects? Don't Work for Free in the New Year!
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January 13, 2022
Nonresidential employment rises in December, residential dips; wage increases lag full private sector.
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January 12, 2022
 Research has identified the risk factors that make nail tool injuries more likely to occur and include the type of trigger system and the extent of training.
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January 11, 2022
The labor market remains extremely tight going into 2022. Contractors will be competing fiercely for talent. They already have been, but that competition will become even more intense as dollars from the infrastructure package flow into the economy. Accordingly, contractors should expect another year of rapid wage increases in 2022. Those rising costs, along with others, must be included in bids if margins are to be sustained.
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January 10, 2022
There remains one exception that allows for a casualty deduction on personal-use property: losses within a federal disaster area as declared by the president. The entirety of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana were federally declared disaster areas as a result of early 2021 winter storms.
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January 06, 2022
Whether you are hiring someone for the first time or the 50th time, one of the most important questions a construction company must answer about its workforce is whether they should be classified as employees, independent contractors, or subcontractors.
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January 05, 2022