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Who Built It? Celebration at Partnership Tower

We recently attended a celebration and thank you party in the offices of the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) in Partnership Tower.

The GHP honored and thanked those craft workers responsible for the build out of their offices designed by Kirksey Architects, built by Harvey Builders and a host of specialty subcontractors like Marek, Trio Electric, and Clunn.

The space, designed to be the “front door” for business visitors to Houston, is home to the largest business organization in the fourth largest city in the US. It will be a heavily utilized space and is designed to accommodate a variety of events from meetings of its large Board of Directors, to hosting foreign dignitaries, hosting events such as the elected officials appreciation party, and hosting corporate leaders from around the world.

During the event, Lilyanne McClean, GHP Executive Vice President, thanked the workers and the company owners who were present for their hard work on what many believe will be an award-winning project.

The project was built as a Construction Career Collaborative (C3) project where all workers were company employees and received benefits. C3 is a private sector solution whose accredited company members provide high quality employee craft workers and are committed to craft and safety training and to building a sustainable skilled craft workforce for the Houston region.

The 9th floor GHP offices overlook downtown, the Convention Center, and Discovery Green, a large urban park. The new Partnership office features a balcony that offers views of the convention center and the new Marriott Marquis Hotel that will open officially in time for Houston to host Super Bowl LI in January of 2017.

Many times the construction workers might work on a project for a few weeks or a few months, then leave to work on another project without ever having the chance to see the finished project after move-in. The GHP project was a special one since they offered the workers the opportunity to tour the space in its finished and occupied state.

The companies and the names of the craft workers responsible for the build out are documented in a book titled “Who Built it?" Each attendee received their own personal copy of the book as a memento of their hard work on the job.

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