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Werner R3 Concrete Anchor Arrives

United Tool and Fastener is excited to announce the Werner R3 Concrete Anchor is finally in stock!

Werner announced that its new anchor, the Werner R3 Concrete Anchor, is “the premier design for horizontal, vertical, or overhead fall protection applications”.

The anchor made its debut at the end of 2022, but stock had been slow to make its way to stores.

“Let everyone know UT&F has the Werner R3 Concrete Anchors!” UT&F owner, Bobby Williams, declared.

The Werner R3 Concrete Anchor (the anchor is produced by ClimbTech, which is now part of Werner) enables simple, safe, and secure one-hand operation.

The anchor utilizes push-to-stop installation and a quick-release button for easy removability. Furthermore, the anchor never requires a tool for removal.

The Werner R3 Concrete Anchor also comprises a rigid stainless-steel, tri-wedge design and diamond-hard carbon coating, which provides increased durability and corrosion-resistance in harsh environments.

In cycle testing beyond 5,000 uses, the Werner R3 Concrete Anchor proved it is designed to work for years in tough conditions.

Push-button removal, requiring no tools
Rigid and durable tri-wedge design
2 inch, swivelling, connecting D-ring
Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) is 5,000 pounds
360 degree loading
Horizontal, vertical, or overhead use
Stainless steel construction
Meets ANSI Z359.18-2017, Type A

To learn more about the Werner R3 Concrete Anchor, or buy any Werner Fall Protection products, contact a local UTF showroom in Houston at 713-692-2323; in San Antonio at 210-495-8665; or College Station at 979-731-8665.