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Take a Break and Think about This [VIDEO]

In April, we wrote in the post, What is Your Drone Elevation?, about a new documentary that the team at DeZeen was producing that would take an in-depth look at the way drones would change the design and use of cities. The trailer gave a glimpse of the interviews of a number of award-winning architects, designers and developers who were working to respond to the possible uses of drones and the impact of that usage on cities, buildings and lives in the urban scene.

The documentary Elevation is out and is being screened around the world. We thought that you might be ready over the holiday break to seriously consider the positives and the negatives of drones as a new infrastructure for existing and developing cities and how their usage might change your business and turn buildings upside down.

Some of you may remember the Jetsons and their fantastic world. This is partially that, but with a dose of reality. The concepts and designs that are discussed in the documentary are current thinking and current projects by global architects. The use of drones is described as having the potential impact that the introduction of the internet did to the world. That is noteworthy.

So, consider this as another “Heads Up” about the future of our cities, your businesses and even the way you live.

You can watch the 18-min documentary below.

Happy holidays.