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See Which Companies Earned C3 Craft Training Endorsement in 2023!

The C3 Craft Training Endorsement Program follows a process that allows a company to self-assess its current state and then apply for endorsement at the desired level by submitting an application and undergoing a thorough audit of the training program by C3 People Development Staff.

Companies that self-assess at the Recognized, Leader, or Champion level are given 60 days to prepare for the Craft Training Endorsement Review. During the Endorsement Review, companies will discuss and provide documentation that demonstrates that the company is actively engaging in Craft Training Best Practices with its craft workers. Endorsements are blindly submitted to an audit committee for approval.

This year, C3 awarded endorsements and renewals for 44 companies' craft training programs! Take a look at what each level means, and who earned endorsements in 2023!

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