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San Francisco Moves

New content guidelines for San Francisco were passed by the city’s supervisors by a vote of 8-3 Tuesday.  According to the CBS News the new guidelines would require that every city – funded project would have a requirement for participation by city residents.  The initial percentage would be 20% hiring of San Francisco residents and the guidelines would increase 5% each year until the total participation reaches 50%.

Mayor Gavin Newsom will have the opportunity to veto the action if he wants to, but he has expressed support for Buy San Francisco moves in the past.  The mayor will review the details closely since there are several billion dollars in construction projects planned for San Francisco in the next decade.  Supporters claim that the 8-3 vote in favor of the legislation will ensure a veto-proof majority. 

This is just one of the moves that cities facing high unemployment rates (in San Francisco it is over 10%, nearly 40% in the construction industry) and budget shortfalls are making.  We will watch to see what the mayor does on this one and then will watch to see how it plays out as the construction contracts are awarded.


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