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Safety: Every day. All the time. No excuses. [VIDEO]

The Chamberlin Man here.

The most important work we do at Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing is keeping our team safe.  We foster this culture through training, processes, certifications, and real life discussions we call “Safe Performance Self-Assessments.”  Ours is not a policy written down and put in a book on a shelf.  Safety is a living and breathing function of how we approach every. single. thing. we do.

Take a look at this 1½-minute clip of a few fellow Chamberlin Men telling us why safety matters to them:

Without a healthy team we cannot do our work.  Without a diligent focus on safety, the health of our team would be put at risk.  Risk just isn't in our vocabulary.  However, OSHA standards and “zero recordable incidents” are terms we take very seriously.  To facilitate the requirements around these key areas of focus, Chamberlin has four full time safety coordinators who inspect job sites daily, one safety director, and a training director.  This team of certified experts work daily in the name of safety, even applying technology and data analysis to identify risks and mitigating them by putting plans into action.

To find out more about our safety approach and certifications, visit our website.

Until next time, I'll be seeing you around.

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