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Planned Building Projects For 2011

Reed Construction Data (RCD) chief economist Jim Haughey has given us a glimpse at the next few years of potential construction volume in the top 50 markets around the country.

New York leads the way with $76.6 billion in planned projects.  (I suspect that it is not just one large project either.)  Next in line are San Francisco at $30.8 billion, Los Angeles at $23.6 billion, Washington at $15.8 billion and rounding out the top 5 is Boston at $11.9 billion.

Even though up to 50% of the projects in planning might not go under construction next year, that is still a sizeable chink of commercial work.  By the way, the numbers do not include single family but do include multifamily buildings, a market that is beginning to heat up for 2011.  

RCD has both the volume and specific projects for each city on the list at their website.  Unfortunately, you have to purchase that information to get the details.  You can see the top 50 cities and their volumes at the linked site.

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