A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Construction Worker Wows the Crowds

CBS News’ What’s Trending recently spotlighted Gary Russo, a construction foreman working in New York on the second avenue subway project.  Russo has attracted much attention and has generated several YouTube posts which have gone viral since he brought his karaoke machine to work and began singing Frank Sinatra songs for his fellow workers and passersby during his lunch breaks.

In the video interview by Michelle Castillo of What’s Trending, Russo offers this advice:

“Find out what you love to do, and do it.  Don’t worry about getting paid, don’t worry about is it hard or not, just do it.”

The 50-year-old claims to be a normal guy who has gone through many of the same problems as others,  but who recently decided to take his love of song public.  The positive attention he has received has him encouraging everyone to follow their dreams, no matter at what ages people find themselves.

We hope you will be inspired watching this video of a man with an upbeat attitude who is happy to be “following his heart”.


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