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Nevada Tries Local Content Bill

Democratic lawmakers in Nevada outlined a jobs bill that they will submit to the Nevada Assembly on Monday.  The bill is aimed at keeping construction projects “Nevada centric” by restricting contractors to certain sources for their labor and materials.  An article on the KTVN Channel 2 News website explains:

Lawmakers want a bidder's preference built into the bill that basically gives Nevada companies a home state discount for staying local. However, there are a few requirements.

"At least 50% of the workers employed on the Nevada public works project must be Nevada residents," said Democratic Assemblywoman Debbie Smith.  

Smith said legislation would require some companies to buy 25% of their material for a project in Nevada. Also, all vehicles being used on a particular project would have to be registered here.

"For failure to adhere to the rules of the bidder's preference and those penalties would escalate, along with the value of the contract," said Smith.

We expect to see a number of similar bills around the country as the employment figures continue their glacial recovery and state legislators struggle to create new jobs in the face of major budget cuts.

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