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In Memoriam: Patricia Ruth “Poppy” Linbeck Doyle March 3, 1939 – October 17, 2019

“Class, Character and Courage, thy name is Poppy Doyle.”

Poppy was part of our Houston Construction Industry her entire life.  Her dad was Leo Edward Linbeck, the founder of Linbeck.  Her brother was Leo Jr, who expanded the company while also leading major statewide business initiatives, most notably, Tort Reform; and her husband, Peter Doyle, ran LTB and the JE Dunn Houston operation and was President of the National AGC Building Division and the founder of the national Quality Committee.  However, the storied accomplishments of these highly respected family members were more than matched by her own impressive contributions; she had the same leadership genes.

She graduated from St Anne’s Catholic School, St Agnes Academy, and the University of St Thomas, where she was Vice President of the Student Body.  She then took leadership roles in many catholic organizations:  She served as Diocesan Chairman of the Knights of Malta, the oldest catholic lay order, founded in 1099.  She was a founder and Vice President of Houston Right to Life and a founding member of the Endangered American Family.  She was a founder and officer of the St Anne’s Church Guild, and member of the St Anne’s School Board.  She was also a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of St Thomas, where she was named Distinguished Alumna in 1995.

She shared her talents with the community as well.  She served on the Board and Executive Committee of the Houston Grand Opera, where she chaired the Opera Ball on two occasions.  She was also a Board Member of the Houston Ballet Guild and the Houston Garden Club; an Advisory Board Member of the Houston Food Bank, and she led fund raising campaigns for the Texas Heart Institute and St Thomas University.  In every role, Poppy was a committed, hands-on doer; colleagues marveled at her energy and stamina for these causes.

She was also a mother to daughter Patricia Ruth Linbeck Doyle Dennis and to son Matthew Garret Doyle and a grandmother to five.  Her extremely committed life was celebrated at a Solemn High Mass in Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral on October 22, 2019.  The officiating priest was her nephew, Fr Stephen Reynolds.  In his comments, Fr Reynolds revealed what all who knew her admired above all.  For the last 40 years of her life she had Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but never let it define her or limit her service to worthy causes aligned with her deeply held values and faith.  At her request, it was never mentioned in her obituary or in any other published data during her life even though its debilitating effects were readily evident.  She believed that suffering is a gift from God that you accept, embrace and offer up for the salvation of others.  She had the perfect role model for this rare philosophical attitude in her own mother, Patricia Ruth Maloney Linbeck, who was totally blind most of her life.  Poppy, like her mother, had a special pleasantness and grace that magnetized and inspired all privileged to know her.  Her husband and children’s unwavering support also evoked great admiration.  We are grateful these exemplary people are part of our Houston Construction Family.