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Unions Headed for Expansion or Political Battles?

The Associated Press announced last week that The Laborers' International Union is rejoining the AFL-CIO five years after leaving in a bitter dispute that split the U.S. labor movement.

The 800,000 member union, including the construction laborers, joined the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and several other unions five years ago to break away from the AFL-CIO when they thought that the AFL-CIO was being too political and not focused on the organizing of more union members.  The breakaway was led by Andy Stern, the then head of SEIU who recently left his post after the breakaway was unsuccessful in its efforts. 

Now the groups have reached agreement to rejoin the AFL-CIO effective in October to bring more strength to the One Nation efforts to thwart a Republican victory this Fall.

This is interesting for groups who thought that the AFL-CIO “had become too political”.  Amazing how the world has suddenly changed with the political polls.


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