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Penalties for Hiring Illegal Workers in Saudi Arabia

2JJG53U6FZM6According to an article in Arabianbusiness.com, a number of Saudi construction companies have been hiring illegal workers in order to finish projects on time.  The article says that workers become illegals when they leave their sponsoring companies to go to work on other projects in order to get an increase in pay.  The illegal workers are receiving SR200 per day, the US equivalent of $53.33 per day.  That, according to Saudi sources, is up to 4 times what the legal workers are being paid.  The latest census in the kingdom indicates that there are 8.4 million foreign workers in the country. 

That is just the opposite of the issues we see with Wage Theft in the US.

Penalties for Saudi contractors caught hiring those illegals are SR10,000 or US $2,666 per worker per violation.

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