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The Owner’s Dilemma

“It is no secret that the design and construction industry is one of the most inefficient on the planet. … In a $1 trillion industry, that amounts to $300 billion or more of wasted investment a year,” according to a recent Viewpoint article in Engineering News Record’s Construction Weekly.  Owners have a major role in any improvements in the way that they select the design and construction teams for their projects, the way that they program the needs for the project, and the way that they contract for the delivery of and oversee the execution of those projects.

A new book The Owner’s Dilemma: Driving Success and Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry authored by Barbara White Bryson, associate vice president for Facilities, Engineering and Planning at Rice University, and Canan Yetmen, principal of CYMK Group in Austin (a consulting firm that provides writing services to architecture and design firms around the country), have taken this issue “head on” and they not only describe the owner’s dilemma, but also examine the five parts of the solution to the dilemma.

Simply stated, without the owner there is no construction. The owner has the ultimate responsibility for the built environment whether in the public or the private sector.

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