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Indiana Partners with Build Your Future to Close the State’s Construction Skills Gap

Construction companies in Indiana will need to hire more than 61,000 workers over the next two years.  This alarming statistic is why the Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation partnered with Build Your Future (BYF) to create the Build Your Future Indiana campaign.  The campaign is used by a unique collaboration of employers, state agencies and industry associations all working together to encourage residents to learn about construction careers and training opportunities now emerging in the state.

To kick off the campaign, Build Your Future Indiana was launched earlier this year, and customized promotional materials – such as trading cards, posters, brochures, wristbands, sunglasses, stickers, cups, carpenter pencils, lanyards and bookmarks – were sent to more than 1,000 Indiana high schools.  Along with these materials, customized presentations, videos and career day resources were also created for Build Your Future Indiana to promote in schools, meetings, conferences and career days across the state.  While BYF resources are available for any organization, BYF partners have the ability to customize material with their own branding and information, which can contribute greatly to the success of their campaigns.

In the few short months since Build Your Future Indiana was created, over 1 million people have already viewed the TV commercials (see the three short videos below) that BYF customized for the partnership.  In addition, a Build Your Future Indiana magazine was published featuring craft professional profiles, salaries and training center locations.  As a result of the promotion for Build Your Future Indiana, the partnership has already met its initial goal of reaching 20,000 individuals by June 2016.

The early achievements of Build Your Future Indiana are the result of stakeholders having a vested interest in each other’s success and collaborating to promote craft careers and facilitate training.  As Indiana’s construction industry expands, organizations using BYF’s resources are assisting in closing the skills gap among the state’s craft workforce.

For more information on partnering with BYF, visit the Build Your Future website.