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Houston Real Estate Update with Dan Bellow, with Kiley Preview

At the Kiley Advisors 2012 Fall Briefing, Dan Bellow offered up a comprehensive economic outlook for the Houston construction executives in attendance.

“In Houston, we’re getting white hot again,” Bellow said.  He said the reasons Houston has outperformed the rest of the country are straightforward: there was no overbuilding, the city avoided mass layoffs, there was no housing bubble, and there is a real international focus.  Houston also continues to grow at what some might find an unbelievable pace.  He stated: “In the year 2025, we’re going to be another 2 million people bigger.”

Kiley opened the conference with the following introduction, included in the first of the following videos:

“The purpose of this meeting every year is to try to inform your thinking as you start your strategic planning.  The narrow purpose of our firm – and we are about as narrowly niched a company as you could be – we work exclusively in the commercial construction segment, for general and specialty contractors, and also for their trade associations.  Our narrow purpose is to support CEO’s, Senior Executives, with their strategy and leadership portfolio.  It is our very strong belief that strategy and leadership are the exclusive purview of the top level, the C-Suite if you will.  So we feel our job is to be a support resource in every way we can – bringing you market information, bringing you tools – to help with that portfolio.

“We define strategy as finding direction for the company, and allocating the resources, tactically, to reach a desired future position; and leadership as being able to make the necessary changes to get you to the desired future.

“The whole purpose of our meeting today is to give you both information and tools to do that, and then to also talk about the opportunity that we see on the horizon ... to reclaim some of the things we have lost in our industry relative to control of our workforce, and relative to our margins in the type of things that we take Big Risk for.”

Watch the videos of Kiley’s remarks and Bellow's presentation below.  (15 minutes, 13 minutes, 15 minutes and 9 minutes in length.)

Note: The slides used during this presentation may be viewed in the attachment below.

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