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Google Away!

One of the coolest things afoot in Silicon Valley is the new Google headquarters building, if you can call it a building; it's more a living environment. The company has announced it is venturing into robotics, and the new headquarters will use robots, no, “Crabots” to be able to reconfigure the spaces overnight once the original buildings are complete.

Nathan Donato-Weinstein, a Real Estate reporter for the Silicon Valley Business Journal, is tracking the progress of all things real estate in the valley. He recently penned an article for the SVBJ about the “Crabots” as well as several other articles about the leading edge design of the new facilities, a la the morphed geodesic domes of Buckminster Fuller. These articles show some of the design features of the new buildings, but also chronicle several interviews that he has had with the designers and engineers of the facility.

Another one of the articles that caught my eye was the proposal for $200 million in community benefits that Google was proposing as part of their new scheme.

This is a worthwhile read and very informative. Way to go Nathan.