A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Go Vote Today!

Across the country today there are local, county, school board, state-wide elections that will impact the future of the construction industry in planned and unplanned ways. Electing the local representatives who will vote on future construction projects like schools, colleges, roads, and highways is critical to the future of the workforce, our families and friends, and the cities and towns where we work.

There are Governors, Mayors, Special Congressional representatives who are being elected today. Each of them will decide where your tax dollars get spent, will decide whether the next flood will reach your house, or whether your taxes will increase. That should matter to you and to your families. That should matter to you.

Some say, “Why should I vote, it makes no difference?” I say from experience, ONE vote matters. One vote can make the difference. Your vote matters and will make the difference in the life of your kids and the world they live in. Your vote will matter in the future of our industry and our economy.

So, gather up your friends and neighbors, and go vote today to make a difference in who represents you and the industry in the future. And proudly wear that sticker that says, “I voted,” after you cast your vote.

And if you don’t go out to vote, remember that you had the opportunity to make a difference and you passed. Don’t make that mistake. Go Vote!