A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

FMI’s Report on Talent Development Offers Critical Information

Jerry Nevlud, President/CEO of the Houston Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America, recently offered the following remarks about The 2011 U.S. Construction Industry Talent Development Report by FMI, a management consulting and investment banking firm for the engineering and construction industry.

There is plenty of good information in the recently released survey by FMI on talent development in the construction industry.  As stated in the report’s introduction, FMI has polled US construction firms for over 15 years in order to determine current practices and emerging trends in training and workforce development throughout the construction industry.

It is critical that companies develop and improve strategies that will ensure our industry continues to find and retain the best talent.  Unfortunately, what is desperately missing is the same focus on talent development that would ensure a sustainable craft workforce well into the future.

The report may be downloaded from the FMI website (free registration required).

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