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Craftsmanship Rules

Construction Dive featured an interview about craftsmanship that you will find informative.

Written by Laurie Cowin, the post features an interview with Steven Gentilucci, general superintendent and head of the self-perform division with Consigli Construction.

Gentilucci makes the point that craftsmanship is still critical to the construction of today and emphasizes the critical need for companies to recruit, train and retain skilled workers.

Consigli Construction is a 100-year-old family owned construction business with locations in New England and Washington, DC.

Two points are made in the interview that are relevant to the discussion of the future of skilled craft workers in construction.

First: “Younger craftspeople must have an open mind and a commitment to learn and absorb information from the more experienced craftspeople.”

Second: “As an industry, we need to invest in the next generation of craftspeople. It is hard work to identify, train and lead people down the path to craftsmanship and it is an investment only few companies are willing to make. Consigli is one of those companies.”

If you are one of those companies as well, let us know.

You can read the entire interview here.