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Construction Industry Launches “Texas Builds” Campaign

The construction industry in Texas is a great career option for many people who may have never previously considered it. That’s the message behind a new campaign called “Texas Builds” that was recently launched by the Associated General Contractors, or AGC, of Texas.

“Nearly 700,000 men and women work in construction throughout Texas. Construction workers in the state earn 10 percent more than the average worker in the state, and bring home an average salary of over $60,000 a year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,” the AGC said. “And since most construction jobs do not require college degrees, many of those workers do not have college debts to worry about,” the group said.

Various wage rates for jobs in construction across the state can be seen here.

“Construction is an industry of opportunity, where every worker can advance through skill, determination and commitment,” the AGC said. “Many construction firm owners started their careers as skilled craftspeople.”

Construction companies are also proud to hire immigrants “from all over the world,” the AGC said. “That is why the members of the Associated General Contractors have long fought for comprehensive immigration reform to allow more skilled construction workers to enter the country legally,” the group said. “Nobody benefits, including responsible contractors, when undocumented workers are taken advantage of by unscrupulous operators,” they said.

Take a look at the video below and click here for more information about the “Texas Builds” campaign.