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A Commercial Drywaller's Bigger Bucket

Last month Jim Kollaer shared a link to a blog on the website Life of an Architect by Bob Borson in which all the things that a drywall contractor carries in his bucket were laid out and identified.  The Borson article is part of an interesting series which shows the things people in various occupations carry with them in order to do the work they do.  Jim’s blog post here on Construction Citizen generated a comment from Terry Holcombe, a drywall superintendent at Marek Brothers Systems in Houston.  Terry wrote:

“This looks like a good starter bucket for a residential Drywaller!  There is another kind of Drywaller out there as well: it is a commercial Drywaller that does all buildings not just residential.  He would have most everything this guy has but a few more items like corded and cordless hanging screw guns and a cordless impact screw gun instead of a cordless drill.  Framing squares like speed squares and a 2’ square, circle cutter, regular hammer, 4' level, plumb bob, plumb pointer, laser chalk line, C-clamps (large and small), gloves, Kevlar sleeves, hard hat, safety glasses, ear plugs, steel toed boots, and knee pads just to name a few!  P.S. don't forget about the BIGGER bucket to put it all in.”

I thought it might be fun to invite Terry to show me what some of those items look like, and he agreed to gather some of his “tools of the trade” and to help me label those as well.  Click on the image to see an enlarged version of the photograph.  Enjoy!

  1. safety glasses
  2. hard hat
  3. safety vest
  4. steel toe work boots
  5. small C-clamps
  6. large C-clamps
  7. utility knife
  8. hook bill
  9. rasp
  10. keyhole saw
  11. buck saw
  12. snips
  13. torpedo level
  14. tool pouches
  15. gloves
  16. Kevlar sleeves
  17. knee pads
  18. 4 foot level
  19. (in case) cordless drill, impact drill, and charger
  20. electronic tape measure
  21. laser chalk line
  22. plumb pointer
  23. plumb bob
  24. speed framing square
  25. 2 foot framing square
  26. nail bag
  27. extra long screw gun shaft
  28. crescent wrench
  29. tongue-and-groove pliers
  30. 100 foot tape measure
  31. corded screw gun
  32. circle cutter
  33. cordless sheetrock hanging gun
  34. battery charger
  35. hammer
  36. screwdriver
  37. cordless impact screw gun
  38. the BIGGER bucket to put it all in!


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25 foot tape measure is missing

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