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Career in Construction? Check!

I don’t know about you, but I like lists. To-do lists. Check lists. Lists of goals. I love them. I’ve even been known to add things to my to-do lists that I’ve already done just so I can cross it off with great flourish because that feeling of accomplishment is so satisfying. I work harder when I have a list with check boxes to mark off each step that gets me closer to my goals. And you know what checks a lot of boxes? A career in construction, of course!

Do your goals for the future include a career with opportunity to grow? Check. Good paycheck? Check. Chance to travel? Check. Working outdoors? Check. Working indoors? Check that too. The opportunities in construction are endless and your career path is up to you.

Speaking of lists … have you noticed that careers in the industry are coming in high on top jobs to have in 2018? From construction laborer to commercial project manager, construction positions are some of the highest ranked right now for careers to get ahead.

Let’s take a look at three lists that include construction positions:

CareerBuilder: Best Jobs for Workers Who Want to Get Ahead in 2018

Construction Laborer

CareerBuilder’s list covers jobs that get you started on a great career path with lots of options. They show there are currently almost one million jobs open for construction laborer and it’s expected to continue growing.

MSN — 8 Jobs to Help Save The Earth

5. Construction Manager

7. Wind Turbine Technicians

If eco-friendly is high on your list for your dream job, consider a career in construction. Kate Silver shares how two construction positions made the green list and how demand is increasing in both these areas.

Indeed — The Best Jobs in the United States: 2018

1.    Commercial project manager

5.    Preconstruction manager

6.    Construction superintendent

9.    Chief estimator

12.   Construction estimator

14.   Plumbing engineer

15.   Project superintendent

19.   Construction manager

20.   Project architect

Indeed’s list focuses on two different factors – the annual salary and how much growth and opportunity each position offers. With each job starting at a base salary of $75k, the availability to earn a good living is evident in these positions. The growth factor demonstrates how prevalent these positions are and showcases the growth the construction industry is seeing; preconstruction manager, construction estimator and construction manager are brand-new to the list this year while construction superintendent jumped to number 6 this year from 24 last year.

*Jobs listed as numbered on Indeed’s list.

How has a job in construction helped you reach your goals? Share how you were able to check some boxes off on your career path.

Originally published in Breaking Ground: The NCCER Blog