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Building Envelope Risk Manager Course

The Chamberlin QAQC team have taken a step in ensuring we can Deliver More. Brian Gorycka, Chris Jenco, Gus Alvarez, Joffrion Beasley and Ricky Rodriguez all successfully completed all five modules required to receive their certificate as Accredited Building Envelope Risk Manager (BERM) presented by The North American Building Compliance Testing Association (NABCTA). The five modules required to receive their certificates included BECx in Construction, Vertical Envelope Assemblies, Horizontal Envelope Assemblies, Door and Window Openings and also Wind Loads. These courses were taken at Texas A&M University.

NABCTA is an organization whose primary purpose is to promote the unbiased training, education and certification of individuals and companies performing testing related to the commissioning of the building envelope. The BERM accreditation will help improve Chamberlin's already great QAQC team. Way to go guys!