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Bacteria Used in Building Construction?

AGC Smart Brief noted that David Benjamin and a team at Columbia University are developing bacteria-based processes that could be produced as commercially available construction materials within the next 8-10 years, showing us that quantum change is going on behind the scenes today that will ultimately change the face of construction as we know it.

The referenced article is called Designing and Building with Bacteria Could be the Future of Architecture, and it originally appeared in Inhabitat, a publication that features new and leading-edge discoveries in a number of fields that will impact our lives and industries in the near future.

We think that whether you are in the industry today or just entering the industry, you should pay close attention to some of the “new stuff” being talked about here and in other forums.  There is no question that new technologies will change our businesses and professions and will also demand new skills for the master craftsperson of the future.

The Construction Citizen team will bring those articles to you as we see them and hope to help you stay informed and on the leading edge and not the “bleeding edge” of construction techniques in the future.

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