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ABC/CMEF’s Inaugural Celebration Welcomes New Board of Directors

Associated Builders and Contractors of Greater Houston (ABC), an association representing the interests of merit shop contractors and their employees, held its annual Inaugural Celebration at Saint Arnolds Brewery on January 11.  With over one hundred and thirty attendees, the association recognized incoming board of directors, committee chairs, and the 2017 Members of the Year.

The 2018 Board of Directors, who were elected by ABC/CMEF membership, were sworn in to serve for a three-year term.  Board member responsibilities include setting policies and goals that will guide the association; ensuring policies are carried out by board, staff, and committees; and making sure there is adequate funding for programs and events.

“We are looking forward to this new year, and working together to promote the merit shop philosophy and free enterprise,” said Robert Burelsmith of E.E. Reed Construction and the 2018 ABC/CMEF Chairman.  “We are fortunate to have board members who share a common goal of promoting ABC/CMEF’s initiatives, and have expertise in the construction industry. We anticipate 2018 to be a great year.”

The 2018 ABC Executive Committee includes Robert Burelsmith with E.E. Reed Construction, Warren Adamson of S&B Engineers and Constructors, Brandon Mabile with Performance Contractors, Sam Craig with Craig & Heidt, Todd Fry with Karsten Interior Services, and Phil Restivo with Turner Construction.

2018 board members include Rusty Barnhill of Force Corporation,  Joel Boe of Cajun Constructors, Dwayne Boudreaux of Ref-Chem L.P., Edwin Brink of JACOBS, Kenny Brown of Brock Services LLC, Bob Deatherage of Bechtel Construction Services, Darlene East of Holes Incorporated, Matt Elliot of SpawGlass Construction Corporation, John Glaze of Fast Track Specialties, John Golashesky of Turner Industries Group, Mike Holland of MAREK, Elaine Howard of Andrews Myers, Asher Kazmann of Locke Solutions Precast Division, Shawn McAlpin of Burton Construction, David McCleskey of Brown & Root Industrial Services, Russell Milam of Penhall Company, Beau Pollock of Trio Electric, Zac Ridner of Fleet IQ, Wendell Rychlik of McCarthy Building Companies, Dan Wahle of Structure Tone Southwest, Ronnie Wills of Aggregate Technologies, and Lohn Zylicz of D.E. Harvey Builders.

To learn more about ABC/CMEF, visit their website.