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2017 on Construction Citizen: The Year in Review

As 2018 begins, the team at Construction Citizen would like to look back at some of our favorite posts from last year – a “Top Ten” list for 2017.  Here we go:

10)  BIM – Fact or Whim?  Construction Citizen sits down with Marek's BIM-VR specialists to learn more about Building Information Modeling technology.  (March 27)

9)  Prefab PODs Are In Play In Healthcare Construction  Jim Kollaer sat down with Jorge Rodriguez, a Project Executive at Marek, to discuss the company’s recent experience building PODs for use in the North Tower Expansion at Houston Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.  (June 28)

8)  NCCER’s Credentialing Portal Transitions Military Veterans into Skilled Craft Jobs  Watch video excerpts from interviews with Heath Culbertson, Veteran Program Manager for KBR, Inc. and with Jennifer Wilkerson, Director of Marketing at NCCER.  (June 30)

7)  C3: Collaborating to Solve Construction’s Workforce Challenges  If you believe in working together to solve the construction industry’s workforce challenges and want to be a part of the effort to do so, please consider joining your clients and peers in the Construction Career Collaborative.  (Aug 9)

6)  Craft Professionals Encouraged to take Pride in their Skills at MAREK’s 2017 WFD Graduation [VIDEO]  Greg Sizemore of ABC National gave the keynote address, inspiring all who attended to be proud of themselves and to tell their stories to upcoming workforce recruits.  (Aug 16)

5)  Experts: Harvey, Texas Immigration Law, and End of DACA Create Perfect Storm for Workforce  A 90-minute discussion at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston presented by the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University and the Houston Immigration and Legal Services Collaborative featured speakers from various walks of life.  (Sept 14)

4)  SER – Jobs for Progress Begins Construction on new Workforce Opportunity Center  Watch a video in which Brittany Torres shares her story of how she has recently benefitted from SER’s YouthBuild Houston program which helped her receive her GED and complete training to become a certified welder.  (Oct 6)

3)  New California Law Creates Additional Contractor Liability  A new California law opens up the General Contractor to additional liability for the subs who misclassify or do not pay wages or benefits owed workers for work done on the job site.  (Oct 17)

2)  Texas House Economic Panel Examines Workforce Challenges, Immigration and More  Texas House lawmakers heard from business leaders this week that the state's economic edge is at risk if immigration reform isn't addressed by Congress. Business leaders also said discriminatory legislation will cost the state major commercial construction projects.  (Nov 16)

1)  That Part of Illegal We Don’t Understand  Gregory Kallenberg and Loren Steffy have created a new video series titled Rational Middle which examines how America is coping with the illegal immigration issue and how we must build a better plan for the future. 
(Dec 7)

We hope you have enjoyed looking back with us, and we look forward to sharing more with you in 2018.  Happy New Year Everybody!