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Construction Crafts

The construction crafts are specialized occupations in the construction industry, each with their own specific skill sets. Construction craft jobs involve the fabrication, assembly, and/or installation of components and materials in buildings, industrial facilities, roads and infrastructure, shipyards, and the oil patch. These jobs and careers often require thoughtful planning, physical strength, hand-eye coordination and the ability to use a wide variety of hand tools, power tools, and mechanized equipment in a safe way.

There are many construction crafts to choose from when starting your career. While many of the construction crafts utilize common skills and technical knowledge, they may vary greatly as to the level of precision, planning, and assembly involved, the physical exertion required, or the types of tools and machinery used.

Take some time to thoroughly explore the descriptions, links, and media on the craft pages of this site in order to choose which construction craft you want to pursue. Once you have figured out which craft best suits you, search for training or jobs by navigating to the training or jobs pages associated with the craft you have chosen. Make sure to check out the sponsored job postings and sponsored training opportunities available. The companies that participate with Construction Citizen are examples of companies who provide their employees with benefits, overtime pay, training and certification, while emphasizing safety and best practices.