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You Might Have Missed Big Data Already!

Get ready for “Infinite Data” (as opposed to “Big Data”) of the Internet of Things in the construction industry.

I read an interesting blog in the April edition of the Headworks International newsletter written by Paul Doherty, CEO of the Digit Group.  The article points to the major shift and disruption in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) industry today.  Doherty, whose client list reads like a global 500, talks about the global movement toward the Internet of Things where things communicate with each other, and the construction world and our lives are inextricably changed forever.  (Check out the new Audi and Mercedes radar, collision avoidance, hands-off parking, and car-to-car communications systems.)

I know that it might sound far-fetched to some of us today, but the current changes we are seeing will make these concepts real possibilities if not outright realities.  These changes are noteworthy for any of us trying to figure out where we are headed in the ever more complex construction industry of tomorrow.

I am amused, amazed, excited, and constantly scratching my bald head trying to keep abreast of this exciting journey that we are on.

Let me know what you think.

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