A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Sustainable Workforce with Right to Work

Last week Indiana became the 23rd state to become a “right to work” state.  Congratulations to Governor Daniels and the people of Indiana.  Every business should have the right to go to market the way they so choose.  However, I could not help but sympathize a little when I read of some the opponents’ concern of a “downward spiral” as far as it related to the workforce.  After all, we only have to look at the current Texas market in regards to the quality of the commercial workforce: aging, less and less skilled, and more and more piecework.

But it really does not have to be that way.  With the advent of the Construction Career Collaborative (C3), there is now not only a vehicle to correct the current status, but one that can truly create a sustainable workforce for the future.  Texas should not be just another “right to work” state, we should be the first  “right to work right” state – enjoying the benefits of an open workforce, but doing it the right way.  In this case, Texas should be ensuring that all employees are paid by (or on the equivalence of) the hour, are paid overtime, and that all taxes are paid, workers’ compensation provided, and safety and craft training required for all employees.  The cause sounds formidable, but it really is not.  The laws are there.  All it will take are owners demanding that their jobsites be C3 driven, and for all contractors to step up to meet the owners’ demands.

The Owners did just that in the Green Movement, working to create a sustainable environment.  Can you imagine the value to not only the construction industry, but to society as a whole if the commercial construction industry provided for its workers on the C3 principles?  Now that would make things right  in a “right to work” state.

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