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Subcontractors’ Commitment To Safety

All That Hard Work Didn’t Go Down the Drain

In 2007 the American Subcontractors Association-Houston Chapter (ASA-HC) created a safety committee to meet the needs of the members requesting safety education and assistance.  In mid 2008 the chapter began developing a partnership program with OSHA.  After 18 months of work and just as the program was being finalized, OSHA informed the chapter it would no longer approve partnerships.  Instead of scrapping all of the work that had been done, the committee began revamping the program to make it an internal program to recognize members with high safety standards, help those who need assistance creating a safety program, promote a safe working environment on jobsites, and raise the image of the members among others in the industry (subs, GCs, architects and owners).  In the spring of 2011 the Commitment To Safety Program (CTS) was launched and by the spring of 2012, ten members had been granted the CTS designation.

ASA-HC Earns National Award for CTS Program

There are safety programs and awards given by many organizations throughout the country; however, most are created at the national level of an association, or they only set out to recognize companies for excellent safety practices.  ASA-HC’s CTS program is unique in that it’s a local program tying safety recognition, education and continued development of safety practices into one program.  In a September 16 ceremony held in conjunction with the ASA Champions Academy 2012 in Alexandria, VA, the American Subcontractors Association recognized ASA-Houston Chapter with a national award for innovation for the chapter’s Commitment To Safety (CTS) program.  ASA’s Innovation award recognizes the chapters and state organizations that have developed creative or innovative programs and services that benefit their members.  ASA Task Force on Chapter Services Co-Chairman Vince Migliazzo of Mark One Electric Company, Kansas City, MO presented the award and offered the following remarks:

“I know that some ASA chapters are content to rely on ‘tried and true’ programs and services, while others seek to ‘break the mold’ with new and different initiatives.  Three years ago ASA launched a new Innovation Award to target the latter group – the chapters and state organizations that have developed creative or innovative programs and services that benefit their members.”

The ASA Task Force on Chapter Services, composed of ASA members and chapter executives from across the country, selected the ASA-Houston Chapter for the honor.  ASA-Houston Chapter Immediate Past President Mike Holland of Marek Brothers Systems Inc., Houston, TX accepted the award on behalf of the chapter.

This Is What Do

This is a prime example of what associations are about: a place for like-minded people to interact, share problems and create solutions that benefit more than just themselves or their company.  If you aren’t part of an association, join one.  If you aren’t active in the associations you are a part of, become active.  You are cheating yourself if you don’t take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves when you are part of an association.

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