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Who is on My Jobsite?

One of the biggest safety issues on the complex jobsite is to know where the workforce is at any time without walking the site and visually identifying each individual.  Technology can solve that issue, and it is not somewhere out in the future.

The future is here according to an article in Constructech that talks about using radio-frequency identification chips, or RFID chips, in the nametags for workers on any jobsite.  Companies like ADR Software are providing that service for over 15,000 workers on jobsites around the country.  Then, according to the article, if an accident occurs on a jobsite, the superintendent can immediately see where everyone is located on the site, and can make an appropriate immediate response, especially if emergency help is needed.  That improvement in worker tracking can save lives on your job site today and in the future.

Now, all we have to do is convince the industry to establish “check in” gates on each jobsite so that folks cannot wander on and off the site without authorization or identification.

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