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New High Rise Proposed for West Texas [VIDEO]

We won’t say that the energy industry is “high on the success” of the recent development of the oil fields of West Texas, but they might be getting mighty close when real estate developers announce a monumental high rise to be built in the Permian Basin.

That exact thing happened recently when Energy Related Properties partners Wendall “Scooter” Brown and Bill Meyer announced a 58-story mixed-use spec building in downtown Midland called Energy Tower at City Center designed to show that Midland is truly the “Oil Capital of America.”

The Midland City Council bought the old County Courthouse site for $2.2 million to make way for this proposed building that, according to the brochure, will contain 564,000 square feet of Class A office space, a 198 room luxury hotel, 230,000 square feet of luxury residences, 53,500 square feet of retail, an entertainment center, and five levels of underground parking and infrastructure.  You can watch a 4-minute video below which highlights the features of the project which is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

The building designed by Edmonds International will rise out of Centennial Park in the heart of downtown Midland, and will be the tallest building in Midland by a factor of over two.  Currently the Bank of America Building which opened in 1978 is the tallest, standing 24-stories high.

We will keep an eye on this one to see whether the developers can attract any of those wildcatters, frackers, their law firms, accounting and public relations agencies at a rate that will justify breaking ground.  If you hear anything, let us hear from you.


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This is not the Odessa I know. It will be a game changer.

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