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Houston Shines in New Global Metro Study

According to a recently released Global Metro Monitor published by the Brookings Institute, an analysis of per capita GDP (Gross Domestic Product, i.e. income) and employment changes in the 2010 to 2011 period for 200 of the world’s largest metropolitan economies revealed that Houston, Texas was the fastest-growing Metro economy in North America.  That is good news for the Houston construction industry.

The study ranks 200 global metro areas by their GDP output and their job growth, and found that “90 percent of the fastest-growing metropolitan economies among the 200 largest worldwide were located outside North America and Western Europe.”  

The picture in the US is a mixed one as fully fifty percent of the slowest-growing metros were located in the US and the UK.  That is a reflection of the current national economies in both countries.  Another Texas metro, Dallas, was also ranked in the top Metro growth areas.

Be sure to check out the interesting interactive map of the findings posted by Brookings.

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