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Fast Company Blogger Talks About the Challenges of our Future Organizations

Daniel W. Rasmus, blogger for the online magazine Fast Company, is focused on the uncertainties that companies will face.  Our companies.  Our industry.  Our uncertainties.

Issues like wellness, generational change and conflict, technology, leadership, skills gaps and worker shortages will plague those companies who do not take the initiative today to create action and contingency plans to address each of the issues before they demand an immediate solution.

About the possibility of a skilled worker / talent shortage, Rasmus writes:

“If nationalistic tendencies prevail, then the outcomes of individual education systems, public and private, and training programs provided by firms and immigration policy will combine to determine the available talent pools.  Local mismatches are likely to occur between needs and skills – and depending on the nature of the need, remote talent may not be an option.  And because future skills anticipation is relatively poor, governments and businesses are likely to recognize the need too late to create supply. ... An investment in foresight is better than a loss in hindsight.”

We thought that you could benefit from this one since you are a Construction Citizen follower and a Fast Company.


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