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Compassionate Contractor Helps Homeowner in Need [VIDEO]

A specialty contractor has come to the rescue of a homeowner in McAllen, Texas who had been cheated by the first contractor she had hired to repair her damaged shingle roof.  Yvonne Vacca had originally hired Ponce General Contractors to repair damage caused by hail last March.  The company cashed her check but did not return to complete the repairs to her home.

Hannah Linn of Action 4 News / KGBT Television serving the Rio Grande Valley reported this story yesterday about one of the “good guys” – a contracting company who heard about Mrs. Vacca’s plight and decided to repair her roof for free. In the following video, Trey Mannix, partner for IGB Exteriors, explains why his company decided to step in:

“Contractors always get a bad name.  So I figured, why not?”

The reporter explained that Mannix did not believe that the repairs could have been made properly for the price the first contractor had quoted to Mrs. Vacca.  Mannix explained:

“This is a specialty roof.  He [the first contractor] did the same thing to a lot of people around here, and one reason was because he was cheap priced.  You can't go with cheap price, not on these specialty roofs.”

The report continues:  “The labor team told Action 4 News that doing this job for free is not only rewarding, but the right thing to do.”

This story is a reminder that many contractors run legitimate businesses who still must compete against the “bandit” contractors who are able to submit lower bids because of unethical business practices.  The story also points out that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) recommends IGB Exteriors and has received unanswered complaints against Ponce General Contractors – a reminder to check with the BBB before you hire.

Watch the video of the news story below.

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