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Chamberlin’s Commitment to Safety Recognized at Predictive Solutions’ Customer Conference

Hi there.  The Chamberlin Man here.

If you've been around the block in business, the concept of “continual improvement processes” (CIP) have most certainly crossed your path.  While the idea of CIP is complex, the bottom line is simple: we can always improve and should strive to do so.

We've long prided ourselves for our excellence in safety at Chamberlin, so with our CIP approach to all facets of our business, we implemented Predictive Solutions' Safety Net technology two years ago.  This has helped us improve the effectiveness of communication surrounding safety audits and our consistency in delivering them.  With clear vision and a good old-fashioned dose of diligence, the Chamberlin team has measured improvements in safety.

I'm telling you, safety is more than talk here at Chamberlin.  Our commitment to safety has been monitored and measured in action.  And it's safety in action for which Chamberlin is known.  Matter of fact, our guys and gals were recognized by Predictive Solutions at their May 2013 “Visions” Conference as “Most Improved” out of an elite group of 150 companies.
We were lauded for setting a path toward improvement and executing on our plan to realize measurable change.

Safety isn't just a standard at Chamberlin.  It's our way of life.  And we're continuously improving our way toward perfection.

Until next time, I'll be seeing you around.

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