A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

C3 Director Describes the Program

We recently interviewed Katrina Kersch, the Acting Executive Director of the Construction Career Collaborative (C3), to better understand the origins and the current status of the overall program.

In this video, Katrina tells us that the C3 movement developed out of The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) studies in 2008 and from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projections that predicted a major shortage of mid-level construction workers in the middle of this decade.

The Houston Chapter of the AGC, along with a number of contractors and subcontractors, joined together to start the C3 program in order to help create a sustainable construction workforce in Houston as well as a better, safer work environment on construction sites around the region. This is especially relevant as the number of commercial projects grows with the rebound of the Houston economy.

In a recent post, Katrina showed us one of the five pilot projects being built using the C3 principles for the subcontractors on the job. This local movement is a critical part of the creation of a sustainable workforce and will lead to changes in the educational system, both the secondary and post-secondary, that are needed in order to accommodate a more sustainable construction workforce.

Look for additional posts from Katrina about this critical issue in the future.



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