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Bot & Dolly and Autodesk [VIDEO]

It is the middle of summer and we thought that you deserved a break from nailing, hanging, drilling, welding and all of those tasks you do in your day jobs. We noticed in a recent Fast Company post by Daniel Terdiman that Autodesk has an Applied Research Lab, and the team is playing with three industrial robots to look at the future uses of Autodesk products with industrial robots.

The research team learned, much to their delight, that Bot & Dolly, the San Francisco based tech firm behind the dynamic projections in the film Gravity, were using Autodesk products for these projections.

Two things fascinate me. First, Autodesk is pushing the robotics software in their lab, and second, Bot & Dolly are doing amazing things. Oh and yes, Google bought Bot & Dolly to add to their portfolio of companies and to expand their reach.

I found this video called Box that was produced by Bot & Dolly using Autodesk software, dynamic projection and two robots. I thought that you would enjoy it like I did and that it might stretch your minds a little during your break from your “day jobs” in construction.

Box from Bot & Dolly on Vimeo.