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An Industry Champion Memorialized

It was great to read in the Houston Chronicle recently that The Hermann Park Conservancy will dedicate a 290 Foot Suspension Bike Bridge named in honor of  Bill Coats, a conservancy founder and a highly respected construction attorney.  The bridge will connect the existing park area to 90 new acres that will be developed into hiking and biking trails and, over time, a dog park will be added as well.  Coats, who died in May 2010, was a founding partner of the Coats Rose Law Firm and for over 30 years the lawyer for the Houston Chapter, Associated General Contractors of America, Inc.  Over the years, he also represented a number of construction companies and owners.

It is wonderful to see Bill’s passionate and persistent commitment to making Houston a great place to live and work being recognized with this permanent structure.  He loved this city, and gave generously of his time and treasure to make it better.  In addition to the Hermann Park service, he was a driving force behind the founding of Trees for Houston.

Bill also needs to be remembered for his service to the construction industry.  In addition to being an outstanding construction lawyer and litigator, he was a superb strategist in dealing with issues and legislative matters that could affect contractors.  He always worked tirelessly to promote or protect the interests of the construction community.

In addition, he mentored some of the fine construction lawyers of today: Bill Andrews, Tom Barber, Pat Gass and Denise Nestel all worked for Bill.  The recognition of his work is a fitting honor for his family and his firm, and a great source of pride for all of us who knew him.

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