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Strange Bedfellows With a Common Goal

We received a link to a Yahoo Finance article from a fan of Construction Citizen.  The article is entitled: Coalition of 'Unlikely Bed Fellows' Continues Growing to Nail Dishonest Employers.

The article describes a “coalition of employers, businesses, associations and labor representatives” which have united to work with state agencies in an effort to enforce California construction laws and regulations so that unscrupulous violators in the construction industry are held accountable. 

The California Professional Association of Specialty Contractors (CALPASC ) started a program to support thousands of businesses who are fighting employers who are misclassifying employees as independent contractors and who are perpetrators of wage theft in the process.

The article quotes Brad Diede, chief executive officer of CALPASC as saying:

"The urgency of this issue cannot be overstated.  The recession has fueled more cheating than ever, and law-abiding, legitimate construction employers and employees go at risk each day these violators succeed."  

The program is called LEVEL (Lasting Effective Violator Enforcement Leadership) and through that program the coalition will cooperate with the Department of Labor and other agencies to identify the “cheaters” who are costing the state and workers millions of dollars and forcing expanding the underground economy in the construction industry.  The goal of the program is to LEVEL the playing field for legitimate companies who agree with an 11-point set of principles.

This is the type of program that Construction Citizen believes is critical to the creation of a level playing field for a recovering economy and industry.

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