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A 10 Acre Room Full of Geeks at Facebook

Facebook might be having a drop in its stock offering after the initial public offering this year, but it has not slowed in its need for a new headquarters building, and it has hired one of the most “out of the box” designers in the world to design the new facility.

Archdaily’s Karissa Rosenfield reports that Mark Zuckerberg and Frank Gehry have been working on a new headquarters facility named Facebook West, and it will be located just across the highway from Facebook East in Menlo Park, California.

According to the article, the facility will be one large room of about 10 acres and it will contain every amenity that the Facebook generation expects as a work environment:

“When Facebook employees need a break, they can retreat to outdoor-terraced cafes for some sushi and barbecue, play arcade games in the lounge with their co-workers, or escape up a ‘twisting wooden stair’ to the lush roof garden.”

Construction on the quarter-mile long workspace and the amenities around it will begin in the spring of 2013.  You can read more in the original article by James S. Russell published by Bloomberg.

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