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Signals and Signposts

The current and future economy, trends in design and construction, political influence – sometimes we have something to say about topics which may be signs of things to come.

Construction input prices are 21.1% higher than in October 2020, while nonresidential construction input prices increased 22.3% over that span.
Construction employment rises in October; earnings, vaccination data imply challenges to filling jobs.
Construction spending declines in September; employment rises over 12 months in most metros.
September construction employment lags February 2020 level in 35 states; ABI signals growth ahead
Unusually, materials costs and contractors’ bid prices both declined from August to September, but the gap between the two prices remained wide over the latest 12 months. The...
Authored by Associated Builders and Contractors and originally published on abc.org.Construction input prices declined 0.5% in September, according to an Associated Builders and...
Construction employment rises in September; construction executives’ optimism cools, ENR finds.
Spending stalls in August; materials costs climb as futures prices signal further increases ahead.
National nonresidential construction spending fell 0.4% in August, according to an Associated Builders and Contractors analysis of data published October 1st by the U.S. Census...