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Similar to: Solderers, Brazers, Pipefitter,
Boilermakers, Metallurgist, Ironworker

Also known as: Shielded Metal Arc Welder,
Gas Tungsten Arc Welder, Gas Metal Arc Welder,
Submerged Arc Welder, Electroslag Welder,
Flux-core Arc Welder

Welders specialize in joining materials such as steel and aluminum as well as varieties of plastic and polymer. Welders are present on industrial and commercial projects everywhere from skyscrapers to submarines. A structural welder creates and helps erect frames for large load-bearing structures like steel frame buildings and bridges. A pipe welder specializes in joining pieces of metal pipe together. Pipes often carry hazardous materials, so pipe welders must first be competent in structural welding before moving on to pipe welding.
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