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Roofer and Waterproofer

Roofer and Waterproofer

Similar to: Concrete Finisher, Painter

Also known as: Roof Mechanic, Roof
Service Technician, Roofing Technician,
Metal Roofing Mechanic, Sealant Specialist

Roofers construct, cover and repair the roofs on commercial and industrial buildings, residential homes and other structures. These craft professionals use shingles, asphalt, metal, wood, and other associated roofing materials to insulate, seal, waterproof, and protect the roofs they build. Waterproofers use various tools, techniques, and products to keep water and moisture out of buildings and facilities. These craft professionals add to the life and durability of buildings by reducing water damage. They also maintain and repair older structures to make sure they stay protected as they age.
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