A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Reshaping the Industry

Three actions are necessary to build a thriving, profitable and durable construction industry:

  • Acceptance.  Recognize current situations and challenges and accept they are real.
  • Leadership.  Embrace core values and principles as innovators and leaders.
  • Solutions.  Collaborate among owners, contractors and workforce for solutions.
What challenges is the construction industry facing?  What principles, like sustainable value and social responsibility, should industry leaders embrace?  Where will the solutions come from?
Nonresidential construction spending rises in October; two-thirds of metros add jobs in the past year.
Cash flow became especially important when pandemic-induced labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, rising materials costs, operational restrictions, and project cancellations...
The phrase “mandatory vaccination” has become a very popular term in this season, but who does it actually apply to in the construction industry and how will it be implemented?
NCCER has built out content for numerous trades over the last two decades that helps contractors create a more highly skilled craft workforce.
We often talk about the latest tools and equipment used in the construction and manufacturing industries.  Those tools and equipment also need to be maintained and calibrated...
October employment lags pre-pandemic high in 33 states; construction starts measures diverge.
Construction input prices are 21.1% higher than in October 2020, while nonresidential construction input prices increased 22.3% over that span.
Good equipment management goes beyond just effective procurement; it is also about efficient operations, smart maintenance, and detailed, on-the-go monitoring.
Construction employment rises in October; earnings, vaccination data imply challenges to filling jobs.