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World Trade Center Tower Reaches Midpoint [VIDEO]

Steel construction on One World Trade Center, formerly called the Freedom Tower, reached the 52nd floor just before Christmas last month, marking the half-way point toward structural completion of the 104-floor tower in New York.  The 16 acre World Trade Center complex will be the site of a transportation hub and several other buildings, including a performing arts center, office and retail space and a memorial and museum to remember those who lost their lives in the September 11 terrorist attacks on the original World Trade Center towers nine years ago.  

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the developers of the project, have a web site with photos, video clips, progress reports and other information about the construction.  This week, they are inviting you to submit any questions you may have to Lynda Tollner, program manager of construction on the project.  Questions will be accepted January 10 through January 17.  Answers will be posted on their website after Tollner has had a chance to review them and respond.

In the meantime, please enjoy one of the many interesting videos they have posted of the construction in action.


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As a whole, the National mood has been quite bad since that dreadful day. With two Wars & the Financial meltdown, continued recession & lingering economic woes - the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey should be accelerating all aspects of this Project.

Part & parcel to the countrys mood is the fact that it has taken 9+ years, soon to be 10 to rebuild the WTC. The Empire State Building was built in record time, as were many important WPA Projects.

The new WTC really needs to be celebrated more, have more exposure on this website and feature more Video's on it's Construction of longer duration. People are hungry for it, people need to see this project completed - and the World needs to see it completed.

It's a darn shame that this was not completed 5-years ago. Get the lawyers out of the way & get this damn thing done and watch the transformation of the National Mood & the U.S.A.'s Economic climate as a whole improve dramatically. The Country needs this done, the country is waiting for it & the rest of the world is wondering why it has taken us so long.

There should also be a joint celebration at topping off or completion which involves the Navy & Air Force. Someone get on booking Liza Minelli to sing New York, New York at the ceremony. The developers need to realize that this is not simply another building - rather, it symbolizes the determination of a free people. New York is a Melting Pot.....& the rest of the world is watching & waiting for us to get her done & take the lead again....

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