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World Trade Center Questions Answered

In an earlier post about the progress of the construction of the World Trade Center complex and memorial, we told you about the invitation from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to submit any questions you had about the project.  They have now published sixteen questions which they received along with answers from Thomas J. O’Connor, senior engineer of construction for the World Trade Center Construction Department.  

Jeff from Jacksonville, Florida asked “Since it is so cold in New York, how will you keep the Memorial pools from freezing?” and received an interesting answer.  The water from the pools will pass through steam exchanges before being recirculated back into the pools.

Several questions dealt with what would be completed by September 11 of this year, the 10th anniversary of the attacks which brought the twin towers down.  The Memorial Plaza including the Memorial Pavilion with its glass facade is scheduled to open in time for the anniversary, and will remain open afterwards even as construction continues on surrounding buildings.

You can read all of the questions and answers on the World Trade Center update website maintained by the Port Authority.

Rendering by Squared Design Lab

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