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World Trade Center “Oculus” Construction

The transit hub at the World Trade Center site is still under construction, and one major piece underway is the Oculus (a circular or oval window usually found at the top of a dome) that covers the transit station. In this case, the oculus is not at the top of the dome and is much larger than you might find in the landmark buildings in Europe.

According to Jessica Dailey at Curbed.com, this Oculus has been named the “bird in flight” by its designer Santiago Calatrava. Calatrava’s firm is best known for his sculptures and landmark bridge designs that reflect his design thinking and philosophy. The General contractor for the structure is Skanska, USA.

Curbed.com, the website for design and real estate in New York and major cities, has taken a construction tour of the new station, and Jessica has put together a photomontage that you will like.

The Daily News has some great photos showing the new Platform B and the exoskeleton of the bird in flight that will cover the space. It is set to open in late 2015 or early 2016 and will become one of the most visited destinations for visitors and commuters (no pun intended) on the rebuild of the original World Trade Center in New York City.

Calatrava has his critics, and an article in the NY Times magazine recently called the Calatrava structure, the “most expensive train station in the world.” The article that follows that statement is an in depth description of how the Port of New York, the owner of the building, Calatrava and the contractor Skanska, are making the structure a reality. Despite that moniker, the structure is striking, and the 2 million folks who pass through the station each month will not only be impressed, but uplifted by the design.